The Halcyon App

The Halcyon Chamber Music App streams and catalogues live performances, video, and educational content on iOS, Android, and web-based platforms. The Halcyon App is revolutionary in its approach to bringing quality curated chamber music videos to people on demand. Utilizing a sustainable business model for classical music performance, the Halcyon App will be a subscription based, for-profit model that uses its profits to pay its musicians a real salary (if you are a musician you know how rare this is) and supports the ongoing maintenance of the Halcyon App. This is very different than the traditional non-profit model, where institutions ask their patrons to donate every year to support the organization.

Why are you doing this?

Classical music is the only genre where one still has to attend a concert in person in order to have access to great performances. Technology has not been utilized to address this issue. Our studies show that 10% of Americans are classical music fans, but only 0.1% of people have access to it due to location or cost. Halcyon can bring the chamber music experience to people wherever and whenever they want, and provides a platform for a variety of voices (musical and otherwise) to express and tap into the full potential of what chamber music can be.

Can’t I just do this on YouTube?

There is a lot of good stuff on YouTube, but quality live chamber music performances can be hard to find. Some pieces we love are rarely played, and can’t be found on YouTube. Others are so popular that YouTube is flooded with videos, and it’s hard to find one worth watching. What Halcyon App offers is quality live performance videos of both standard and non-so-standard repertoire, presented to you in an engaging audio and well as visual way, that you can access at anytime, anywhere. We offer easy to access to on demand videos, educational content, and behind the scenes (including hilarious outtakes) content all in one place. Plus, we curate content so that it is of the highest quality.  

How can I download the Halcyon App?

We have to build the app first! Like building any business, we need funds to get us off the ground before we can get our sustainable business flowing. In Fall of 2018, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the building of iOs, Android, and web-based platforms for the Halcyon App, and for creating kickass videos of us performing for you. Check back for updates! We look forward to seeing you on the Halcyon App soon!